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pointThe Local Directory Theme for WordPress has been created with a really simple framework. It’s not a whizzy bells and whistles theme and it’s not got lots of clever drag and drop features.   What is does have is a easy way for you and other contributors to create and display directory listings.

There are lots of options where you can control what is displayed and limit the things contributors can do.

To see the directory in action select one of the categories on the left.

Or you could even create your own listing.

The local directory theme is suitable for anyone who needs to list things: clubs, organisations, groups, in fact anything or any one who just wants a list of things with addresses. And images. And other stuff.

But why is it so boring?

It’s because this is a theme you can play with and make it look like anything you want. Be brave young Padawan and enter the magical world of CSS.

Get the Theme

zipDownload by clicking here or on the image on the right or the link up in the main navigation bar.

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